Teach Children to Tell the TRUTH with Help from Mrs. Good Choice

Mrs. Good Choice is a former public school principal who has spent her life teaching children to make wise choices.  She now wants to help YOU!


Teach your children to tell the TRUTH.  How can I do that you may ask yourself? There are many great articles and books available to parents and educators about teaching honesty.  In today’s world, the help of social media is just a finger tip away.

Pinterest is full of wonderful ideas and activities for parents and educators.  I am including in this blog; How to Teach Children to Tell the Truth, a list of seven tips by Dr. Robyn Silverman.  I agree with this list one hundred percent.

  1. Keep your cool
  2. Don’t set traps
  3. Avoid labels
  4. Give children a chance for a do-over
  5. Praise truth telling
  6. Figure out why they are lying
  7. Set a good example

You can find more on the Teach HONESTY says Mrs. Good Choice Pinterest Board.

If you are having problems with a child not being honest, encourage them to write to Mrs. Good Choice. Mrs. Good Choice is the new Dear Abby for children.

If you have questions I can help answer, please email me at dawn@mrsgoodchoice.com. You and your children may email me together.  Expect an answer from Mrs. Good Choice in a timely manner.

I will be discussing teaching children about HONESTY all month.

Blessings until next time,

Children’s Author

Dawn Young

Dawn Young




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