Teach Children to Count their BLESSINGS with help from Mrs. Good Choice

Mrs. Good Choice is a former public school principal who has spent her life teaching children to make wise choices. She now wants to help YOU!


As we enter into the holiday season, it is so important to Count our BLESSINGS and to teach our children to do the same!

I have so much to be thankful for each and every day. First of all I am thankful for my wonderful parents, who have taught me to work hard and never give up on my dreams. Although we will not get to celebrate Thanksgiving together this year, I will be visiting them in the near future.

My life is totally complete because of my husband, Steve. He is the most caring, thoughtful, and supportive husband a wife could only dream of marrying. I am blessed with many wonderful friends and relatives and a great church family.

It is not the material things in life that matter, but the relationships we build. I learned this at a very young age. It is my life dream, to help children in today’s world learn how to be thankful. I encourage you to teach your children to appreciate what is most important in their lives.

“Where do I start?” you may ask. You are your child’s first role model. It begins with your own actions. Examine how you, yourself treat others. Children learn from what they see and hear.

Teach children manners. It is important to say thank you and show others that they are appreciated. I realize we live in a digital world, but sending thank you notes and letters of appreciation is still a great way to show thankfulness. Adults don’t care if the note has misspelled words or incorrect grammar. Young children can draw a picture to show their thanks. It is the thought that matters.

Volunteer in your community and take your children along with you. Many food pantries, animal shelters, and other organizations need help this time of year. It is important to teach children that many people are not as fortunate as they may be.

Begin a daily or weekly way of discussing things you are most thankful for in your life. For example, at dinner time each person needs to share something they are thankful for about their day.   Create a Family Grateful Jar. When someone has something special they are thankful for, they write it down or draw a picture and place it in the jar. Start a family tradition and share the jar contents on the same day each week.

We do live in a fast pace world. However, I encourage you to slow down and teach your children the important things in life.

Count your BLESSINGS one by one.                                                                                                                          At the end of the day when it has all been done,                                                                                                    Life will be easier wait and see.                                                                                                                            Being THANKFUL is the key!

Blessings until next time,

Dawn Young Ed.S                                                                                                                                        Chuildren’s Author




Mrs. Good Choice Encourages You to Talk with Your Children


page4readyMrs. Good Choice is a former public school principal who has spent her life teaching children to make wise choices. She now wants to help YOU!

My husband has told me time and time again, I am a kid magnet. He is so right! I can’t name the number of times children have come up to me and started pouring out their heart to me. It has happened in stores, restaurants, and even on vacations. God knew I was best suited as an elementary principal for thirteen years. Children felt comfortable talking to me about all kinds of things. I have learned over the years that children need to learn that you care and value what they have to say.

Giving children your time and uninterrupted attention builds relationships of trust. Children need to be able to discuss whatever it is on their minds. Parents and teachers, it is so important to talk with your children. The easiest way to know what a child is thinking is to ask him or her. Little minds are working all the time.

Sometimes the words we hear from children may not be what we want to hear but important enough that we need to hear them. Problems can’t be solved if we do not know that they are happening.

Encourage your children to talk about what is happening in their lives each day. Ask them what they learned or what they would change if they could change anything. Find out who their friends are and what they think about different topics. They may surprise you with the answers you hear.

Make sure to thank your children for confiding in you. Let them know you enjoy their openness and ability to talk to you about any topic. Children often need help figuring out the right thing to do in different circumstances. Try your best to not be judgmental while the child is talking. Allow them to express themselves and then help them solve the problem if need be.

If you have questions I can help answer, please email me at dawn@mrsgoodchoice.com. Mrs. Good Choice is the new Dear Abby for children. You and your children may want to email me together. Expect an answer from Mrs. Good Choice in a timely manner.

“A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it is not open.”   ~Frank Zappa~

Blessings until next time,

Dawn Young Ed.S


Children’s Author