Fun Summer Activities for Children … by Mrs. Good Choice

Mrs. Good Choice, a former public school teacher, principal, and teacher evaluator, has spent her life teaching children to make wise choices. She now wants to help parents and educators to do the same!


The first day of summer has arrived. Most children’s school year is complete; but what now, you may ask? It is so important to help your child develop into a Life- Long Learner. Keep your children learning by keeping them active.

Reading is such a key to a child’s success. Read daily with or to your children. Allow them to read to you. Many communities have free summer library programs for children. Take advantage of these great resources.

Make arrangements for older students to go into nursing homes or assisted living facilities with the elderly and read, play board games, dominoes, or card games. Not only will this be a blessing for the youth, but also the adults involved. We all can learn many great lessons from the older generation. If your child plays a musical instrument, arrange with the activities director, for a small presentation for the residents. Most facilities have pianos. The residents will love it!

If you attend a church, ask the pastor for the names of shut-in men and women who don’t get out often. Arrange a game time or reading hour with them and your children. Many times the elderly just need someone to listen to their stories. It also helps stimulate the memories of the elderly to enhance their quality of living.

Volunteer to work on a community service project together. Food pantries, beautification projects, and animal shelters are just a few great places that can always use extra hands. Children need to learn the importance of learning to serve others. Teaching children the meaning of respect and responsibility is so crucial.

The most important gifts you can give your children are your love, attention, and time. When you are modeling these key elements, it teaches your children to do the same. Remember … little ears and eyes are always listening and watching!

Enjoy your summer with your children!  Please know that I am here to help YOU! Contact me at

Blessings until next time,


Dawn Young, Ed.S