Begin Thoughtful Tuesdays with Help from 💛Mrs. Good Choice💛

Mrs. Good Choice is a former public school principal who has spent her life teaching children to make wise choic She now wants to help YOU! 

I hope that many of you incorporated Mannerly Monday into your children’s week! Would love to hear about your experiences. Please share at

Now it is time to add Thoughtful Tuesday to your week. It is important that we are raising selfless children in today’s world. What better way to remind them to put others first than by reminding them on a weekly basis.

Begin by teaching children the meaning of being thoughtful. The word thoughtful is an adjective that means showing consideration for others. Talk with your children, get their ideas about whom would benefit by having something nice done for them. Their ideas will amaze you!

As adults, it is our job to be role models. When you are completing thoughtful deeds for others, talk to your children about it. Show them in a concrete way what you are trying to teach them. If thoughtfulness is part of your routine, then children are more likely to pick up the habit.
Here are 10 easy ideas to help kick start Thoughtful Tuesday:
1. Do a chore for someone without their knowledge
2. Bake something with your child and share with a neighbor
3. Write a nice note and leave it in a library book for someone to find
4. Send a homemade card to a relative
5. Pick up litter at school or in your community
6. Volunteer together at an animal shelter
7. Make and deliver pictures or cards to a senior center
8. Donate to a charity of your choice
9. Hide nice notes around the house for family members to find
10. Make a fun craft and give it to someone you care about

Have fun and good luck!
Witty Wednesday ideas coming soon😊

💛Blessings until next time,💛

Dawn Young Ed.S