Begin Thematic Thursdays with Help from 💙Mrs. Good Choice💙

Mrs. Good Choice is a former public school principal who has spent her life teaching children to make wise choices. She now wants to help YOU! 

I hope that many of you have incorporated Mannerly Monday, Thoughtful Tuesday, and Witty Wednesday into your children’s week! Would love to hear about your experiences. Please share at

Now it is time to add Thematic Thursday into your child’s week. Where do I begin, you may ask yourself? It is very simple … ask your child! All children have different interests. This is the time to zone in and teach children about things they already love. It all begins through great conversations with your children. Listen to what your child has to say.

The age of your child is a big factor in choosing the correct Thursday theme. Here are 10 great preschool age children themes to help you get started: Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Colors, Nursery Rhymes, Days of the Week, Four Seasons, Type of Transportation, Community Helpers.

Incorporating Thematic Thursday is a great way to help children master and generalize different skills they may not learn any where else. It also immerses children with new vocabulary and concepts.

For older children, themes come in many categories … math, science, reading, writing, drawing, dramatic play, history, geography, music, cooking, photography and so many more.

The first step is finding the theme that interests your child best.
The second step is planning the activities within the theme. Today it is easy to plan activities through the help of google and pinterest.

For example:

If a child is interested in Space, the total Solar Eclipse will be taking place August 21, 2017. This would be a great time to teach them important facts about space and allow them to create a model of the solar system. Ask them to demonstrate a model of the Solar Eclipse. Children remember best when they use all five of their senses to learn. As a family you could bake Solar Eclipse Cookies.  Don’t forget to go outside and watch the Solar Eclipse together.

If your child is a planner … ask them to help you plan next weeks dinner menu. Allow them to grocery shop with you and also teach them about staying on a budget.

If your child loves music … teach them about the different instruments that make the great sound.

Parents,  learn to think outside the box. Children’s minds are amazing! You are their first teacher … Have Fun spending quality time together with Thematic Thursdays.

Fascinating Facts Fridays ideas coming soon😊

💛Blessings until next time,💛

Dawn Young Ed.S                                                                                                                      Author