Suzanna Hill’s, Holiday Helper Contest: 246 wc                                                                 

Dear Santa,

It’s me Joey. You remember me, last year I asked for a bike, stuff to build a  treehouse, and a puppy. Benji is getting big and learning to shake hands. He is my best friend! Thank you, Santa!

This year I would like a different kind of gift. I need fifteen blankets! I bet you think our house is cold or that I like to sleep in my treehouse. But that’s not why I need the blankets. 

Last Saturday my family drove around our town looking at Christmas lights. Along the way we saw people sitting or sleeping on the ground. My Dad told me that these people were down on their luck and didn’t have a house to live in.

This made me sad. I can’t stop thinking about one family I saw living in the park. There was a mom, dad and two boys. I know the older boy, Nathan. He goes to my school. I didn’t know his family was homeless. 

About the blankets, I want my family to make goodie bags and deliver them and the blankets to the people on the streets. I told my mom and dad about seeing Nathan and asked if we could please help his family. 

Guess what? Dad went and talked to Nathan’s dad. Our church is going to help them get a house! Mom said we can invite them over for Christmas dinner! MERRY CHRISTMAS!



P.S. Benji would like a big bone!