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Susanna Leonard Hill / Valentiny Writing Contest / 197 words



Mary has a Valentine,

she wants to give away.

But every time that Mary tries,

no words can she convey.


She swallows hard, and tries her luck,

to try out something new.

While all the children laugh and play,

She gets a tiny clue.


In her hand she holds a heart, 

as tightly as can be.

She doesn’t want her secret crush,

to see her by the tree.


And all at once, there he stands,

a smile upon his face.

In his hand is something pink,

all trimmed in pretty lace.


“Just for you, my special friend.”

Mary turns bright red.

He handed her a Valentine.

He turned around and fled.


One more time she tries her luck.

She tries to be quite brave!

There he sat upon the slide

She gives a silent wave.


As Mary bends to say hello.

Her crush begins to wiggle.

“Here’s a card, just for you.”

They both begin to giggle.


“Will you be my Valentine?”

He whispers in her ear.

“Yes! Will you?” she bravely asks.

“I’m glad that you are here!”


Nate is new in Mary’s class.

He came just yesterday.

“I am glad that we are friends.