💛2021 Spring Fling KidLit Writing Contest💛

Dawn Young (112 words)


             JACK AND JILL

“Jumping Juniper

cloudless skies!”

Jack is curious,

“Jill,” he cries.

Chirping chick-a-des.

Buzzing bees!

Squirls scampering,

humming trees.

Spring’s awakening.

“Let’s go hop!

Hill awaiting

at the top.”

Pail is waterless,

not in need.

Chores forgotten

yes, indeed!

Jill is overjoyed.

Spring has sprung.

Flying butterflies,

Oh, what fun!

Brand new buttercups

fill the fields.

Nice and colorful.

beauty yields.

Day was fabulous.

Sky turns gray.

Rain’s predicted,

We can’t stay.

Running hurriedly

down we go.

Jill starts tumbling

fast not slow.

Rolling lopsided

boom she falls.

Standing vertically,

“Help!” Jill calls.

Shrieking bellowing,

“I’m not hurt!”

Brushing franticly,

lots of dirt.

Walking silently

had a blast.

Comfy residence,

home at last!