đź’›Mrs. Good Choice’s Blackthorn & Blackberry Review: TEN LITTLE FROGSđź’›

Hi Friends,

As a prior educator and now full-time children’s author, I have a passion for promoting literacy, overall education, and the fundamental joy of entertaining kids. I was asked to join a group of authors, world-wide to join Blackthorn Book Tours based in the UK and Blackberry Book Tours in Brazil.

Our task is to review new children’s literature.

I love to read picture books of all kinds. From time to time, I will be sharing a review with you of new and current picture books.

Today’s review: TEN LITTLE FROGS by Jason Travis. Illustrated by his brother, Shawn M. Travis.

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When ten little frogs sitting on a log witness the surprise of a shooting star, each dive into their own super natural personality and disappear.

At the end of the day, the ten little frogs reunite to share their stories with one another.

TEN LITTLE FROGS is a fun adventure, teaching children the concept of counting backwards from 10 and subtraction with the help of ten little unique frogs. The fun illustrations will keep young ones engaged in the fun.

Blessings until next time,

đź’›Mrs. Good Choiceđź’›

    Dawn Young

đź’›Mrs. Good Choice’s Blackberry Review: TURTLE CROSSINGđź’›

Hi Friends,

As a former educator and now children’s author, I am passionate about promoting literacy, overall education, and the fundamental joys of entertaining children. I have agreed to participate with other authors around the world to post reviews of inspiring picture books for Blackberry Book Tours located in the UK.

This weeks review is TURTLE CROSSING by Malve von Hassell.

Oliver, a young turtle, experiences his family moving to a new home. His refusal to move, places him on a long lonely journey filled with obstacles.

Children will fall in love with young Oliver and discover that Oliver’s choices become harder than he ever imagined.

This heartfelt story with delightful illustrations is a fun family read, especially for families anticipating a move of their own.