BOOK REVIEW by đź’›Mrs. Good Choiceđź’›

BALD IS BEAUTIFUL A Letter for a Fabulous Girl in September, written by Carola Schmidt and illustrated by Diane Ovieta is a heartfelt picture book.

This story is written for all young girls or grown ladies going through cancer and facing hair loss. The message of self-acceptance shines through loud and clear. Carola’s lyrical language, along with the beautiful illustrations are such a delight.

BALD IS BEAUTIFUL is a must have book for parents, teachers, and libraries. It is

important to teach children to except people as they are, no matter their circumstance

This is the perfect gift for any female facing cancer.

VISIT: Crayola Facebook page and hit on the tab


You will meet the author, illustrator, and two great story tellers. ENJOY!

Blessings Until Next Time.

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One thought on “BOOK REVIEW by đź’›Mrs. Good Choiceđź’›

  1. Loved this excellent review…made me want to get it for a kid I know that has cancer right now and is at St. Jude!
    Loved the words “lyrical language”!!!


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