💛Mrs. Good Choice Enters 11th Annual Holiday Writing Contest💛

Thank you Susanna Leonard Hill, for always having challenging Writing Contests. A big thanks to the judges and generous prize donators. This year the theme is Holiday Contest. Entry must be no more than 250 words.

Christmas Eve Ride Along Contest Dawn Renee Young 246 words

A loud voice rang out through the forest, ATTENTION, Santa needs help! He has sprained his ankle. Now accepting entries for the Christmas Eve Ride Along Contest.

Requirements: 1. Must not be afraid of heights or get sleigh sick. 2. Must be able to slide down chimneys. 3. Must be able to lift heavy packages.

“Yippie! I’ve always wanted to ride in a sleigh,” declared Moose.

“You can’t slide down chimneys with those long legs,” said Rabbit.

Moose replied with a frown on his face, “You’re probably right.”

“Hoot-Hoot! I am not afraid of heights,” hooted Owl. “And I can see in the dark. Santa and I would make a dynamic duo.”

“How can you lift heavy packages?” asked Wolf.

Owl gave Wolf a wicked stare and flew away with her feathers in a wad.

“I can hop down chimneys in a flash,” Rabbit said.

“You are fast, but you’ll get side tracked playing with toys. Santa needs toys delivered, not tested to see if they work,” cried Moose.

“I know, I love toys. Santa won’t mind,” said Rabbit.

“Want to bet?” smirked Wolf. “I am the perfect ride along.”

“What makes you the perfect ride along?” asked Rabbit.

“Well, I was great with the Three Little Pigs. And don’t forget Little Red Riding Hood. Santa can’t go wrong choosing me.”

Moose let out a loud moan and headed deep into the forest. Rabbit trailed not far behind.

“Where’d everyone go?” Wolf asked glancing around.

Blessings Until Next Time, Dawn Renee Young

One thought on “💛Mrs. Good Choice Enters 11th Annual Holiday Writing Contest💛

  1. Love, love, LOVED this!!!! Soooo creative and clever! My two favorite lines…
    ….can’t get sleigh sick….and ….don’t get your feathers in a wad!🤣🤣🤣🤣


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