💛Mrs. Good Choice Enters 11th Annual Holiday Writing Contest💛

Thank you Susanna Leonard Hill, for always having challenging Writing Contests. A big thanks to the judges and generous prize donators. This year the theme is Holiday Contest. Entry must be no more than 250 words.

Christmas Eve Ride Along Contest Dawn Renee Young 246 words

A loud voice rang out through the forest, ATTENTION, Santa needs help! He has sprained his ankle. Now accepting entries for the Christmas Eve Ride Along Contest.

Requirements: 1. Must not be afraid of heights or get sleigh sick. 2. Must be able to slide down chimneys. 3. Must be able to lift heavy packages.

“Yippie! I’ve always wanted to ride in a sleigh,” declared Moose.

“You can’t slide down chimneys with those long legs,” said Rabbit.

Moose replied with a frown on his face, “You’re probably right.”

“Hoot-Hoot! I am not afraid of heights,” hooted Owl. “And I can see in the dark. Santa and I would make a dynamic duo.”

“How can you lift heavy packages?” asked Wolf.

Owl gave Wolf a wicked stare and flew away with her feathers in a wad.

“I can hop down chimneys in a flash,” Rabbit said.

“You are fast, but you’ll get side tracked playing with toys. Santa needs toys delivered, not tested to see if they work,” cried Moose.

“I know, I love toys. Santa won’t mind,” said Rabbit.

“Want to bet?” smirked Wolf. “I am the perfect ride along.”

“What makes you the perfect ride along?” asked Rabbit.

“Well, I was great with the Three Little Pigs. And don’t forget Little Red Riding Hood. Santa can’t go wrong choosing me.”

Moose let out a loud moan and headed deep into the forest. Rabbit trailed not far behind.

“Where’d everyone go?” Wolf asked glancing around.

Blessings Until Next Time, Dawn Renee Young

💛Mrs. Good Choice💛 Enters the 11th Annual Haloweensie Writing Contest

Each year Author, Susanna Leonard Hill sponsors a fun Halloween Writing Contest.

This year the entry can be no more than 100 words excluding the title. Each entry must include the words goodies, glow-in-the-dark, and goosebumps.

Thank you Susanna for this great opportunity. Also a great big thank you to the wonderful folks that have donated prizes.

Here is my entry … Dawn Renee Young / 98 words


Trent was excited about the goodies he collected trick-or-treating.

But he had an eerie feeling. Each step he took he sensed he was being watched.

Rounding the corner a pair of green glow-in-the-dark eyes stand at him.

Goosebumps raced up and down his arms.

Ignoring the eyes, he sprinted off to the next house. Suddenly he felt something

soft rub against his leg. A familiar MEOW sounded and KER-PLUNK!

The set of glow-in-the-dark eyes peered over the side of his candy bucket.

It was Tabby his cat. How did Tabby get into Trent’s glow-in-the-dark paint?

💛Mrs. Good Choice💛 Shares Another Great Picture Book💛

Twas the Night Before Christmas A First for Gus written by Sherry Roberts. Illustrated by Dylan Hale.

Such a sweet story of a sweet basset hound that lives at a shelter. It’s the night before Christmas and Gus can’t sleep. He longs for a home of his own. Suddenly he hears a loud noise and looks outside to find Santa Claus. As they ride off into the night sky together Gus has no idea what surprises their trip will bring.

Dreams can really come true … even for a sweet basset hound.💛

The perfect Christmas gift for children ages 4-10.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Parnassus Books.

Blessings Until Next Time

Dawn Young, Children’s Author

💛Mrs. Good Choice💛enters 2021 Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

Thank you Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you also to the generous donators of prizes.

Each writer must choose a photo from the Fall Writing Frenzy site that inspires them. Then write 200 words or less entry about the picture. I am sharing my entry with all of you. Fingers crossed!💛

Dawn Young / 197 words / BROTHERLY LOVE

Ian loved his three brothers. But he loved practicing his trumpet more. He practiced winter, spring, summer, and fall. His brother, Adam was his biggest fan. Where ever Ian went Adam followed. Hunter and Elliot tried to avoid the loud trumpet noise. It was impossible! Ian serenaded his family before breakfast.  He practiced in the bathroom. Mom said, “Absolutely not!” He practiced in the car, Dad said, “Absolutely not!” He practiced his trumpet from his top bunk. No one could sleep! When Ian played one note, Hunter and Elliot buried their heads under pillows. Adam watched his hero and smiled. One morning Dad called a family meeting. “Ian, your brothers, Mom and I love you very much. We are so proud of the way you have committed to practicing your trumpet. But it is time to make a change.” Ian’s top lip began to quiver. What was Dad saying?   “We have decided there will be no more trumpet practice in the house,” said Mom. Ian’s eyes began to water. “We are turning our treehouse into a music studio,” said Hunter. “Just for you,” said Elliot. “Thanks,” Ian whispered. “I want to play drums,” said Adam. Everyone laughed.

Blessings Until Next Time,

Dawn Young, Children’s Author

💛Mrs. Good Choice Board Book Review💛

What’s more fun than a garden counting book? I am so happy to share a new way of introducing children to shapes and concepts of numbers. ONE TOMATO A Garden Counting Book, by author Rebecca Mullin and illustrated by Anna Mullin is filled with colorful illustrations of garden plants, vegetables, and bugs.

Children will love searching for the silly dandelion that will guide them through each page. This board book is for ages 0-5. Children will choose to read it over and over again.

Get your copy today!

Blessings Until Next Time.

Dawn Young, Children’s Author

BOOK REVIEW by 💛Mrs. Good Choice💛

BALD IS BEAUTIFUL A Letter for a Fabulous Girl in September, written by Carola Schmidt and illustrated by Diane Ovieta is a heartfelt picture book.

This story is written for all young girls or grown ladies going through cancer and facing hair loss. The message of self-acceptance shines through loud and clear. Carola’s lyrical language, along with the beautiful illustrations are such a delight.

BALD IS BEAUTIFUL is a must have book for parents, teachers, and libraries. It is

important to teach children to except people as they are, no matter their circumstance

This is the perfect gift for any female facing cancer.

VISIT: Crayola Facebook page and hit on the tab


You will meet the author, illustrator, and two great story tellers. ENJOY!

Blessings Until Next Time.

Dawn Young Children’s Author Blackberry Book Tour

💛Mrs. Good Choice shares Read Along Draw Along event: BALD IS BEAUTIFUL💛

Blackberry Book Tour presents BALD IS BEAUTIFUL: A letter for a fabulous girl in September, by Carola Schmidt.

Calling all parents, teachers, librarians, and children, come join us on Facebook for a live Read Along Draw Along with author Carola Schmidt, illustrator Diane Ovieta, and guest readers Tonya and Joey Media.

When: September 1, 2021

Time: 7:00 EST

Where: Crayola Education Facebook Page https://fb.me/e/1EUsMk30v

Kids in classrooms all over will be watching. If you know teachers that might be interested in attending with their class, please send them the link. Not everyone will be able to see the event live. Please mark your calendar and you can watch the event at any time on-demand from the video tab on the Crayola FB Page.

Hope to see you there.

Blessings Until Next Time!

Dawn Young

💛Mrs. Good Choice’s Blackthorn & Blackberry Review: TEN LITTLE FROGS💛

Hi Friends,

As a prior educator and now full-time children’s author, I have a passion for promoting literacy, overall education, and the fundamental joy of entertaining kids. I was asked to join a group of authors, world-wide to join Blackthorn Book Tours based in the UK and Blackberry Book Tours in Brazil.

Our task is to review new children’s literature.

I love to read picture books of all kinds. From time to time, I will be sharing a review with you of new and current picture books.

Today’s review: TEN LITTLE FROGS by Jason Travis. Illustrated by his brother, Shawn M. Travis.

4,254 Green Frog Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images

When ten little frogs sitting on a log witness the surprise of a shooting star, each dive into their own super natural personality and disappear.

At the end of the day, the ten little frogs reunite to share their stories with one another.

TEN LITTLE FROGS is a fun adventure, teaching children the concept of counting backwards from 10 and subtraction with the help of ten little unique frogs. The fun illustrations will keep young ones engaged in the fun.

Blessings until next time,

💛Mrs. Good Choice💛

    Dawn Young

💛Mrs. Good Choice’s Blackberry Review: TURTLE CROSSING💛

Hi Friends,

As a former educator and now children’s author, I am passionate about promoting literacy, overall education, and the fundamental joys of entertaining children. I have agreed to participate with other authors around the world to post reviews of inspiring picture books for Blackberry Book Tours located in the UK.

This weeks review is TURTLE CROSSING by Malve von Hassell.

Oliver, a young turtle, experiences his family moving to a new home. His refusal to move, places him on a long lonely journey filled with obstacles.

Children will fall in love with young Oliver and discover that Oliver’s choices become harder than he ever imagined.

This heartfelt story with delightful illustrations is a fun family read, especially for families anticipating a move of their own.

💛2021 Spring Fling KidLit Writing Contest💛

Dawn Young (112 words)


             JACK AND JILL

“Jumping Juniper

cloudless skies!”

Jack is curious,

“Jill,” he cries.

Chirping chick-a-des.

Buzzing bees!

Squirls scampering,

humming trees.

Spring’s awakening.

“Let’s go hop!

Hill awaiting

at the top.”

Pail is waterless,

not in need.

Chores forgotten

yes, indeed!

Jill is overjoyed.

Spring has sprung.

Flying butterflies,

Oh, what fun!

Brand new buttercups

fill the fields.

Nice and colorful.

beauty yields.

Day was fabulous.

Sky turns gray.

Rain’s predicted,

We can’t stay.

Running hurriedly

down we go.

Jill starts tumbling

fast not slow.

Rolling lopsided

boom she falls.

Standing vertically,

“Help!” Jill calls.

Shrieking bellowing,

“I’m not hurt!”

Brushing franticly,

lots of dirt.

Walking silently

had a blast.

Comfy residence,

home at last!