đź’›Mrs. Good Choiceđź’› Enters the 11th Annual Haloweensie Writing Contest

Each year Author, Susanna Leonard Hill sponsors a fun Halloween Writing Contest.

This year the entry can be no more than 100 words excluding the title. Each entry must include the words goodies, glow-in-the-dark, and goosebumps.

Thank you Susanna for this great opportunity. Also a great big thank you to the wonderful folks that have donated prizes.

Here is my entry … Dawn Renee Young / 98 words


Trent was excited about the goodies he collected trick-or-treating.

But he had an eerie feeling. Each step he took he sensed he was being watched.

Rounding the corner a pair of green glow-in-the-dark eyes stand at him.

Goosebumps raced up and down his arms.

Ignoring the eyes, he sprinted off to the next house. Suddenly he felt something

soft rub against his leg. A familiar MEOW sounded and KER-PLUNK!

The set of glow-in-the-dark eyes peered over the side of his candy bucket.

It was Tabby his cat. How did Tabby get into Trent’s glow-in-the-dark paint?

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